{February 1, 2011}   Proust Questionnaire

My last post said, in a line, that I was having trouble finding myself, which brings me to this. The Proust Questionnaire. 35 questions that this man Marcel Proust beleived would reveal the person’s true nature.
I’ve been sitting on this questionnaire for quiet sometime, and I always thought I’d get to it soon, but for some reason I never did until now. I’ll try and answer one question everyday. Lets see if I can keep this goal.

The only thing I’m concerned about, I’ll answer with full honesty, is if my answers are those that I genuinley believe, or if they are things that I have been taught to say, that I have been told is right to say in that situation. I’ll try my best.

Question 1: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
The first question and already I’m lost. Perfect happiness…a lifetime that has small obstacles, ones that require thinking, and involvement, but always sort themselves out in time, in a short amount of time. Where sadness exists but in amounts such that it is easily wiped out, yet the memory of it lingers enough to make me appreciate the present. Perfect, there is no such thing, the idea of perfect happiness itself is scary. It’s a stupid question. I don’t think that I’ve felt happiness….maybe joy, excitement and contentment (this was a feeling that was really nice) but happiness is indescribable perhaps. I don’t know…. This is a ridiculous question. Unlimited pleasure tempered by limited pain, such that the pain increases the pleasure. That’s my idea. Fuck it, this is a ridiculous question


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