{March 28, 2011}   Goodbye

I’ve had this for a while. I haven’t been able to update very much. And I lost sight of what I wanted to do. I had no focus. I’m shutting this down. No more posts. Goodbye.


{February 26, 2011}   Just this one

While I was stumbling today, I came upon this here and I’d just like to put it here so that more people see it.
Actually…I don’t even want to close that tab…

{February 14, 2011}   Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day to you. Hope it’s a good one, and don’t feel sad today alright? If you are just remember that chocolate goes on sale tomorrow!

Anyways, my plan is to cook dinner tonight. I’m planning on garlic bread, fettuccine Alfredo, and some tiny chocolate cakes for dessert, though I wanted to pick up some tartufo, they didn’t have any at the store. I bought a tiny strawberry candle at the dollar store and downloaded some chill music for the background. Youtube Bearkeys, you won’t regret it.

As for what we do after? I have no idea, but I really hope this dinner goes off well, it’s the first time I’m cooking for someone else, so wish me luck.

{February 14, 2011}   Question 4

What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Ignorance. Just not knowing the most simple things, and assuming things that aren’t true are. Refusing to find out more of the truth, refusing to admit that what they think is wrong.

{February 14, 2011}   Question 3

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

My indecision. It’s led to some things that I regret, and it keeps me from experiencing a lot of things. It gets in the way of doing…well everything.

{February 14, 2011}   Question 2

Well my plan was to write one answer a day, and as you can see I failed at keeping that goal, and that shouldn’t be any surprise. Anyways, onwards.

What is your greatest fear?
I have a lot of fears, and picking the greatest of them is a really hard thing to do. One of the greatest would be being forgotten. Completely and utterly forgotten, to the point that no one remembers me and I am completely alone, and nothing I do will have a lasting effect on anyone. That would probably be it.

{February 1, 2011}   Proust Questionnaire

My last post said, in a line, that I was having trouble finding myself, which brings me to this. The Proust Questionnaire. 35 questions that this man Marcel Proust beleived would reveal the person’s true nature.
I’ve been sitting on this questionnaire for quiet sometime, and I always thought I’d get to it soon, but for some reason I never did until now. I’ll try and answer one question everyday. Lets see if I can keep this goal.

The only thing I’m concerned about, I’ll answer with full honesty, is if my answers are those that I genuinley believe, or if they are things that I have been taught to say, that I have been told is right to say in that situation. I’ll try my best.

Question 1: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
The first question and already I’m lost. Perfect happiness…a lifetime that has small obstacles, ones that require thinking, and involvement, but always sort themselves out in time, in a short amount of time. Where sadness exists but in amounts such that it is easily wiped out, yet the memory of it lingers enough to make me appreciate the present. Perfect, there is no such thing, the idea of perfect happiness itself is scary. It’s a stupid question. I don’t think that I’ve felt happiness….maybe joy, excitement and contentment (this was a feeling that was really nice) but happiness is indescribable perhaps. I don’t know…. This is a ridiculous question. Unlimited pleasure tempered by limited pain, such that the pain increases the pleasure. That’s my idea. Fuck it, this is a ridiculous question

{August 3, 2010}   Zune Software

For a little while now I’ve been thinking about upgrading my mp3 player. I mean I love my little sansa clip and it’s great, but really I need a larger capacity now that I’m listening to more music. And when I mean a larger capacity, I mean a lot. So naturally some of the more popular options sprung to mind, the iPod and the Zune. However each of these devices require the use of their own software (though I know that other music players can also sync with the iPod, I heard nothing of the sort for the Zune) so I went ahead and downloaded both iTunes and this Zune software.

First of all adding your media is a snap. Just select your folder(s) and there you go. I actually found some music that was hidden away because it was in a folder I don’t check very often (My Music).

The first thing that you see when starting this for the first time is the quickplay screen.It has three columns of pins, new and history that show your pinned items, new additions as well as recently played. However each of these columns only show 4 or 5 items, and that really doesn’t help unless you listen to the same thing over and over again obsessively. If you do than this screen may be of some use, but I found it kinda useless…especially since it’s sorted by album and uses album art. There’s a lot of songs that I have which are from unknown albums or don’t have any album art, but I guess that that’s my fault, but it’d be nice if it pulled the album art from the internet.

This is really where everything starts. underneath the music section you find three columns, artist on the left, album in the middle and songs on the right. Selecting an artist on the left will show the albums in the middle and all the songs on the right. Selecting the album will show you the songs in that album. This is if you sort by artist. If you sort by genre, the left column displays the genre. Sorting by albums removes the leftmost column. Sorting by songs takes you to a screen with a lot more. with as many columns as you’d like to add, and some that you can’t remove, it’s where people with a lot of music would probably hang out. Sorting by playlist just shows your playlists and the songs you have in them.
Underneath the videos section it shows you all the videos and playback is smooth.
Under pictures it shows you the pictures that you’ve added. It separates by which folder they are in. Clicking on a picture starts a slide show with your music playing in the background. I liked this though the windows picture viewer does the same thing, so really…it wasn’t something that helped the software in my eyes.
Podcasts run as well as you’d expect. You can set it to hold on to a set number of episodes. Speaking of setting, it brings me to my next section.

This is really barebones. You can add folders for media and designate folders for where you want ripped CDs and podcasts. You can set the speed for the photo slide show. You can set a background, though the selection is limited. Ripping and burning options also exist but are limited to things such as the bit-rate and whether the cd is to be ejected after it is ripped or burned. And that’s pretty much it.

Good Things
The now playing screen is a big point for this software, sadly it’s the only point in favour for this software.

Bad Things or Things that I miss.
There’s no hint of an equalizer. There’s no visualization options at all. No options for crossfading. Limited backgrounds. Can’t edit song information. A heavy emphasis on album art but often separated tracks in an album but keeps it under the same album art (ridiculous).

I wouldn’t say this is a bad piece of software, just that it lacks things nearly every other player has…It could certainly be a lot worse, be glad that it isn’t.

{August 3, 2010}   Typo shirts

Here’s something else that I found a while back that I just came across now that I’d like to share with you. It’s quite amazing really, emphasizes the power of words quite well. This. I find the first example to be quite powerful.

{August 3, 2010}   Steampunk Cosplay

Now I know there’s a lot of steampunk out there and there’s a lot of debate amongst what is true steampunk and what is faux-steampunk, but honestly, this is beautiful either way. Great attention to detail, just look at that gun!

et cetera